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I wasn’t exactly sure what I would be doing with myself. After all, I’m not usually blessed with having so much time on my hands. My girlfriend is away visiting her parents and I have the house all to myself. A buddy of mine had been telling me how much fun he was having with every visit that he had been making to and I guess that might be a good place to start.

Honestly, when it comes to free live cams I am a bit of a novice. I’ll watch them every so often but it’s not something that I do on a regular basis, not when my GF would kill me if she caught me jerking off to another girl online. Still, she’s not here at the moment so what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? I’ll stick with that because I think it is what my brain wants to think, but what I think is this is the time to find more of these hot babes on cam because so far, I am having an awesome time!

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I really wasn’t expecting to be so entertained as I was while watching these online CamSlutShows But I must admit that it was a nice surprise. It still amazes me that you can sit back and watch totally hot girls going for it live on cam let alone join them for all the action that you can take.

It gives guys such as myself hope that even though I suck at talking to girls in person I can still mix it up with the best of them while chatting online. This really does give me a massive boost in confidence and while I haven’t yet put that into practice you can bet that I am making my mark on more women than I ever have before. Right now I am keen to just let it all out and bust a nut while I let a slutty cam girl do all the work for me. She isn’t going to know what to expect next and you know what the funny part is? that’s actually just where I wanted her to be!

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